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Chemical Plant & Oil&Gas

AQ/QC (Quality Assurance, Quality Control)

QA/AC ensure IS (Industry Standards) regulations and guidelines are met for every element of a project.

Structure, equipment subject to inspection and controlled by mandatory regulations, specifications from the owner’s requirements and quality standards.


Any contractors with suppliers who involved project, it has to be demonstrated and meet the quality of technical specification with regulatory standards.


Design Engineering stage, the specifications, drawings and standards will be assessed to ensure meet the regulations.


Contractors, manufacturers and sub-contractors to undertake audits before and during manufacturing, construction by qualified inspectors, 

i.e. welding inspection (inc. plastic welding), factory acceptance test, materials and documentations as well.



1. True Project Manager (Owner's Representatives) 

2  QA/QC Inspectors & Engineers

- Welding Inspector (int'l Certified)

- Painting & Coating


- Electrical (High/Low Voltage)

- Explosive Protection

- Instrumentation Control

- Fire Protection

- Exhaust


- Life Safety