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Integrated Construction Management

Water Treatment (WWT/UPW)


  • Third Party QA Inspection ,Audit ,Quality Assurance Certification
  • Specification Review; include all associated Documentation Drawings,SOP/MSDS/Equipment Efficiency/P&ID/PFD
  • Design Review; Design Calculations/Equipment Specifications/Dynamic Modeling to ensure UPW is delivered as per Design Parameters (Pressure Set points at POU within Limits of Pressure Variables/Flow Rate Stability affect to tool Qualification and Production Bath fill times/Distribution Loop Sizing Supply/Return Hot Cold. Polish Loop Sizing/Instrument Control System Interface/Peak Tool Consumption/Average Tool Consumption/Tool Utilization/Tool Layout
  • Review of UPW Process Check Incoming Water Quality/POU Quality Parameters/POU Water Specifications(TOC/O2/N2/Silica/Resistivity/Particles/Organics/Solids)/Different Grade Requirements(Lab Water/ Electronic Grade Water/Purified Water)/PreTreatment(Multi Media/Micro filtration/Anti Scalant/Scale Inhibitors/Ion Exchange Softeners/Activated Carbon/SBS Sodium Metabisfulfite)/Prevention as relates to Fouling/Scaling/Chemical Attack/Mechanical Damage/ Performance and Design Calculations for RO System (Salt Passage Rejection %Recovery %/Flux Rate/Mass Balance Sheet/Single Pass/Double Pass/Concentrate Recycle/EDI/GTMS(Gas Transfer Membranes)/Polish Loop Ion Exchange/GTM/UV/UF/POU Microfiltration/Ultrafiltration//Nanofiltration/UV/Ozone.
  • Review of WWT Process Check Collection System(Design Flow and Loading (determines Hydraulic Loading and Pollutant Removal Capacity/Pumping System/Flow Equalization/BOD/COD/Preliminary & Primary Treatment (Aeration/Separation) Secondary Treatment(Clarification/Sludge Digestion Design(Aerobic/Activated/Anaerobic)/Removal/Filtration/Disinfection/Residual Management/Instrumentation and Methods of Measurement.
  • Design Optimization in line with state of the art Technologies & Best Engineering Practice./Equipment Layout/Sensors Specifications/Chemical Dosing type and rate (Check Design Assumptions for determining Dosing Rates and Mixing Ratios)/Electrical Consumption/Maintenance/Chemical Cleaning/Water Chemistry/Storage Tanks/Control System Interface/UPW Recycling/Reuse/Reclaim.
  • Review of Testing and Commissioning Procedures/Isometrics/Controls Validation and Verification.
  • Quality Training For all Installation Practices
  • Methods and Materials of Construction MTR/Traceability/Grade/Compatibility/Considerations (UHP Piping)
  • Clean Build Methodologies Protocols


  • Standards and Code Verification; in line with International Code and Standards
  • Owner Acceptance Verification in Line with Construction Protocols and Specifications
  • Facilities Acceptance Verification in Line with Testing and Commissioning Standards
  • Document Turnover Packages; compliance verification of QA Turnover Dossiers prior to Final Hand Over.