Life & Safety


addThird Party QA Inspection ,Audit ,Quality Assurance Certification

addSpecification Review; include all associated Documentation , Drawings, SOP.

addDesign Review; TLV(Threshold Limit Value) BEI (Biological Exposure Indicies) STEL (Short term Exposure Limits) PEL (Permitted Exposure Limits) TGMS (Total Gas Monitoring System) SIS (Safety Instrumated System) BMS (Building Management System) SRS (Safety Requirement Specification) Functional Requirements (Safety Monitoring/Safety Interlocks/Alarms/Notifications(Cause & Effects Matrix)/Integrity Requirements (Availability/Probability of Failure/Diagnostics) FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) Hazop (Hazard &Operability Analysis) SIL (Safety Integrity Level) CMS (Continuous Monitoring System) ELV Systems (Extra low Voltage Systems) Functional Tests on Emergency Lighting/Battery Powered Emergency Lighting. Fire Life Safety (Performed in Coordination with Fire Protection Specialist) Review Fire Prevention/Fire Suppression/Emergency Evacuation/Response/Combustible Storage (Portable LPG) Emergency Access/Egress (Corridors/Stairwells/Exits)/Fire Lanes/Fire Doors/Alarm Systems (Pull Stations/Horns & Lights)

addDesign Optimization in line with state of the art Technologies & Best Engineering Practice.

addReview of Testing and Commissioning Procedures/Isometrics/Controls Validation & Verification.

addQuality Training For all Installation Practices

addMethods and Materials of Construction MTR/Traceability/Grade/Compatibility

addClean Build Methodologies Protocols


addHPM Testing (Hazardous Production Material)NFPA 704

addMidas Testing (Honeywell Gas Testing)

addVertex Testing (Honeywell Gas Detection Monitoring)

addPerm Alert Installation and De Installation (Liquid Leak Detection/Location Systems Pal-At Liquid Watch/Fluid Water)


addStandards and Code Verification; in line with International Code and Standards

addOwner Acceptance Verification in Line with Construction Protocols and Specifications

addFacilities Acceptance Verification in Line with Testing and Commissioning Standards

addDocument Turnover Packages; compliance verification of QA Turnover Dossiers prior to Final Hand Over.

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