Gas and Chemical System


addThird Party QA Inspection ,Audit ,Quality Assurance Certification

addSpecification Review; include all associated Documentation Drawings, SOP/MSDS

addDesign Review Concept/Regulatory Requirements/Client Requirements for Hazardous Gas and Chemicals/Review System &Area Classification GHS/OSHA to ensure System and associated SubSystems are ready or fit for Operation. Special Requirements Silane/HF

addDesign Optimization in line with state of the art Technologies & Best Engineering Practice.Leak Prevention/Detection/Containment(Double Containment/ASV/VMB) Labelling Requirements.

addReview Testing & Commissioning Procedures/Isometrics/Controls Validation and Verification. ESO/PRD/PRD with Orifice/RFO

addQuality Training For all Installation Practices IN Line with Industry Best practice and Manufacturers Recommendation.

addMethods and Materials of Construction MTR/Traceability/Grade/Compatability.

addClean Build Methodologies Protocols


addStandards and Code Verification; in line with International Code and Standards

addOwner Acceptance Verification in Line with Construction Protocols and Specifications

addFacilities Acceptance Verification in Line with Testing and Commissioning Standards

addDocument Turnover Packages; compliance verification of QA Turnover Dossiers prior to Final Hand Over.

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