Electrical / Explosion Proof and section for Consulting

Inspection and Compliance QA Services for Electrical Systems.

Semiconductor facilities, clean rooms and laboratories contain complex electrical systems. TKIS provides an array of QA services for these electrical systems.


addThird Party QA Inspection ,Audit ,Quality Assurance Certification

addSpecification Review; include all associated Documentation Drawings, SOP

addDesign Review; Substation Design/Equipment Selection/Sizing Rating/Protection Schemes/Supply security and reliability/facility optimization (Use of Highest Available Voltage to reduce Transformer and cabling losses/Energy efficiencies/Power Saving(LED)Motion Detectors in Areas of Low Access. Increase Temperature and Humidity Specifications in Electrical Rooms.

addDesign Optimization in line with state of the art Technologies & Benchmark against Best Engineering Practices & Statutory Regulations for Critical Areas ”EX Proof” Control Circuit Applications, Area Classification/ignition temp, flash point, Explosive Limits, Equipment Classification (Group/zone/type),Emergency Systems (UPS/Diesel Generators/Switching)Power Lighting, Distributed Energy Source, Electrical Ground fault Detection, Equipotential Bonding, Electrostatic Discharge(ESD)

addReview of Testing and Commissioning Procedures/Isometrics/Controls Validation and Verification/Equipment Testing Standard FAT/SAT & SOP/Voltage Testing/Over Current Protection/Field Testing of Components/Harmonics and Phase Imbalance/Equipment Voltage Sag Immunity.

addQuality Training For all Installation Practices

addMethods and Materials of Construction MTR/Traceability/Grade/Compatibility

addClean Build Methodologies Protocols


addInfrared scanning Level I and Level II

addElectrical safety

addPower distribution systems

addEnergized electrical work

addDe-energized electrical work procedures

addVerify final panel schedules

addVerification of continuity

addConduit/Raceway support inspection

addVerification of phase rotation

addMetering and documentation of voltage


addStandards and Code Verification; in line with International Code and Standards

addOwner Acceptance Verification in Line with Construction Protocols and Specifications

addFacilities Acceptance Verification in Line with Testing and Commissioning Standards

addDocument Turnover Packages; compliance verification of QA Turnover Dossiers prior to Final Hand Over.

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