Process Piping / Welding (Metallic/Non Metallic)

Consulting, Inspection, Analytical Testing and Compliance QA Services for Process Piping Semiconductor facilities, photovoltaic facilities, pharmaceutical facilities, cleanrooms and laboratories contain complex pipework whose function is to convey the materials used for their facility?s critical processes. TKIS provides an array of QA services for process piping.


addThird party QA inspection, audit, quality assurance certification

addSpecification review

addDesign review

addQuality training for all installation practices

addMethods and materials in construction

addClean build methodologies

PCW/CDA(LP/HP)Steam & Condensate Systems


addThird Party QA Inspection ,Audit ,Quality Assurance Certification

addSpecification Review; include all associated Documentation Drawings,SOP

addDesign Review; Design Optimization in line with state of the art Technologies & Best Engineering Practice. Review of Testing and Commissioning Procedures/Isometrics/Controls Validation and Verification.

addQuality Training For all Installation Practices

addMethods and Materials of Construction MTR/Traceability/Grade/Compatability

addClean Build Methodologies Protocols


addNon Destructive Examination (NDE) Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

addNDE Level 11 Visual Weld Inspectors/IWT/EWT/IWS/EWS/CSWIP/PCN

addPWHT (Post Weld Heat Treatment)

addSystem Slope Inspection

addWelder Qualification including Welder Qualification Test Report (WQTR) Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) Welding Procedure Qualification Report (WPQR)

addMaterial & Component Source Inspection MTR(Mill Certs)/Factory Inspection/Site Delivery Inspection

addOff Site Fabrication Audits

addPrefab Inspection and Verification (Piping/Tanks/Vessels/Boilers)

addField Installation Inspection Pressure Testing/Leakage Testing

addQuality Management; Measuring and Test Equipment/System Passivation/Risk Matrix(RPN) Cause and Effects Matrix

Analytical Testing

addHigh purity process piping certification

addHelium leak testing

addParticle testing and analysis

addTrace gas analysis

addTotal hydrocarbon analysis

addUltra pure water TOC analysis

addGas cabinet / Manifold certification

addGas product and off-load qualification

addWater for injection systems qualification (WFI Systems)


addStandards and Code Verification; in line with International Code and Standards

addOwner Acceptance Verification in Line with Construction Protocols and Specifications

addFacilities Acceptance Verification in Line with Testing and Commissioning Standards

addDocument Turnover Packages; compliance verification of QA Turnover Dossiers prior to Final Hand Over.

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