The Quality Assurance Services of TKIS provide strong value to our clients. TKIS Quality Assurance Services help reduce your costs while enhancing quality. Special inspection audit services are divided into a number of core areas, covering the needs of owners, operators, regulators and equipment manufacturers.

TKIS Quality Assurance Services span multiple markets, such as Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical Industry, Photovoltaics and Technology and Research.

TKIS QA/QC services span multiple areas of facility disciplines, including the following: Process Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, Gas and Chemical System, Fire Protection, HAVC/Exhaust, Water Treatment (WWT/UPW), Life and Safety, as well as Instruments and Controls.

Process-based industries require exceptional QA service. Any compromise to product quality or project schedule can have a negative impact on your reputation in the market. Our primary focus is to minimize bottlenecks and delays, and ensure you deliver projects on time and within budget, all while adhering to industry quality standards
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