TKIS understands the "Big Picture" approaches for the companies doing business in the Asia-Pacific region. We know that there must be a solid foundation in order to maximize the productivity of any company. In order to address such needs, we offer the following business consulting and coordination services:

addIntroduce and negotiate exclusive contracts between international companies

addIntroduce and negotiate international licensing agreements

addMatchmaking services introducing the best companies for the greatest profitability and ROI (Return of Investment)

addInternational business consulting

addLocalization of processes used worldwide

TKIS offers business matchmaking services to target companies considering market entry into the Asia-Pacific region. These services will aid in the search and establishment of an international business solution that will facilitate trade with Asia.

Our services are customized to your international business needs and strategies. We will search, screen and introduce potential partners, or find markets and distribution channels for your goods or services in the region.

Client / Customer Services

addCoordination includes reports, correspondence, scope of services, RFP (Request for Proposal), proposals, and contracts

addAdministrative Support Services include meeting arrangement and set-up, as well as taking care of the on-the-ground details

addResearch includes regulations, markets, services, or industries

addPlanning and Origination of events including workshops, seminars and conferences

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