Often during a construction project period, communication, control, time constraints, and thechanging nature of the work can be your biggest challenges. We integrate and manage all aspects of the project and find effective solutions to those challenges. With our field-experienced engineers, technicians, coordinators, supervisors and project managers, we cover all stages of construction from site work to commissioning.

With our "total-integration" philosophy, you can maintain comprehensive control and visibility over your project in a way that reduces the risk of overall failure, maximizes benefits, and restricts costs.

Fully qualified and extensively experienced, our project coordinators and project managers are adept at collaborating with all team members in every phase of the construction process. We will designate a single point of contact to lead and manage coordination and execution of our respective scope(s). Our on-site personnel will identify issues not complying with project specifications, best engineering practices of installation, routing issues, and value engineering.

TKIS Integrated Construction Management solutions span multiple markets, such as Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical Industry, Photovoltaics, as well as Technology and Research.

Our comprehensive management of your project activities includes the following services


addProject Programming Support and Coordination

addAssistance in Scenario Planning and Analysis

addProject/Design Requirements Definition/Review, and Feasibility Studies

addSDC (Sustainable Design and Construction) Management


addDesign Process Management, including monitoring of design schedule

addDesign and Cost Estimates Review

addConstructability Review

addValue Engineering


addConstruction Documents Preparation Support and Coordination

addConstruction Documents Review


addBid Documents Preparation Support and Coordination

addAssistance in Procurement Process, including Contractor Qualification/Evaluation/Selection

addAssistance in Subcontractor Qualification and Contract Review

addAssistance in preparing Contract Document and Contract Administration


addTotal Construction Management Scope Ownership

addKick-off Meeting Support and Coordination

addRFI (Request for Information) Control

addContractor/Vendor Coordination

addDaily/Weekly Construction Planning and Progress Meetings

addDaily/Weekly Tactical Coordination Meetings

addDaily Work Progress, Task and Issue Logs

addProject Management and Coordination

addTotal Quality Management/Construction Quality Management

addEHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) Management and Coordination

addJob Hazard Analyses, Safe Work Plans

Project Controls:

addProject Management Software Solutions

addContract Management

addDocument Management and Control (Administration)

addSchedule and Cost Management

addCost Accounting Management

addChange Management in terms of Schedule and Cost

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